OTL is an African and Caribbean inspired health brand specialising in products from Africa and the Caribbean. Our aim is to bring to the market a natural and varied range of health products reflecting the best of Africa and the Caribbean.     




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Making a difference by supporting small scale producers:

The management of OTL  have spent many years working closely with small farmers and producers in Africa and the Caribbean.OTL is constantly told that the major problem is that of bringing their produce to market. The farmers and producers constantly remind us that if they could just create a demand for their unique products, many of which are unknown in the UK and other Western countries, then they are able and willing to create the supply.



Baobab Fruit Powder

Baobab Fruit Pulp 

Baobab Oil

Kinkeliba Herbal Tea 

 Shea Butter 

Moringa Powder 

Moringa oil

Moringa seeds

Moringa loose leaf tea 

Red Sorrel Herbal Tea

White sorrel Herbal Tea 

Millet (Fonio) produces (Caakiri, Lacri, Conndi, Karaw)

and more...